Building Step 1: “The Initial Appointment”

Make an appointment with Trinity Builders, where we can review large scale drawings of the floor plans. With two models to choose from as our starting point, we will walk you through your options and develop an estimated cost to build your dream home.

Building Step 2: “Finalizing Your Plans”

Once the design and spacing of your home have been been established, we will discuss changes or options you would like to add to your plan. We want you to be overjoyed with your future home! You can move walls, windows, and doors. Want to add a bathroom, bedroom, or storage? We can do it!

We’ll add any of these changes, plus the cost of site improvements including concrete, landscaping, sewer tap or septic tank, well or water meter, etc., and provide an updated estimate.

Building Step 3: “Home Building Agreement”

Now that you have chosen your favorite design layout, you’ll choose interior and exterior finishes! You’ll receive a detailed cost to build the plan with all of your selections as a part of your Home Building Agreement. Once the agreement is signed, the building can begin!

Building Step 4: “Application Process”

Once the Home Building Agreement is signed and you are comfortable with the expenses, you’ll apply for construction and permanent financing as needed. The finance application will normally take up to 60 days to process.

Building Step 5: “A New Beginning Is Underway”

Once your finances are approved and your construction loan closes, permitting and construction of your dream home can begin! We’ll go over the building process in detail before construction starts, so you’ll know what’s happening every step of the way.

Building Step 6: “The Inspection Process”

Throughout construction, your home will undergo a series of Assurance Inspections. We’ll be available to answer any questions and address any concerns along the way.

Building Step 7: “The Walk-Thru”

When your home is complete, we’ll walk you through your new home, showing you every custom feature.

Building Step 8: “The New Beginning”

When the final closing is complete, you’ll be ready to move in! Congratulations!